ONE LIGHT HEALING TOUCH™ was founded in 1996, by Ron Lavin, MA, a renowned healer and gifted psychic. It is an acclaimed International Energy Healing and Mystery School and offers Basic, Masters and Teacher-Training Programs.  The schools are primarily located in the US and Germany. OLHT Trainings are also scheduled in London, Toronto, and Melbourne, Australia in 2020.

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“One Light Healing Touch has helped me to transform myself in profound ways; where 10 years of psychotherapy, and 18 years of TM had only scratched the surface.”  — S.A.

THE BASIC TRAINING is a 12 to 18-day School, and is typically presented over three to six months. It teaches over 50 Shamanic, Holistic, Spiritual and Esoteric Self-Healing Practices and 33 advanced Energy Healing Techniques for healing oneself and others. It is ideal for those seeking personal growth and all healthcare practitioners. Our School honors all spiritual traditions and serves the novice and advanced practitioner alike. The Training includes a range of unique, transformational techniques that helps us release long-held programming and subconscious energy patterns, that allow for profound change to occur. The Training helps increase our health, awareness, joy, creativity, intuition and other psychic abilities, deepens our spiritual connection, and helps us to fulfill our Purpose for Being. It awards a Certificate in Energy Healing and our graduates are highly respected as exceptional healers.   READ MORE.

MASTERS STUDENTS  learn an additional 22 “Master-Healer” Energy Techniques and Practices. See Basic and Masters Courses for details.

Ron has participated in five landmark energy healing studies with the (NIH) and has been featured in the media internationally, including the Telly-winning documentary, THE HEALING FIELD – Exploring Energy & Consciousness, by filmmaker Penny Lavin. It is available on Amazon, Gaia.com, and Penny Price Media. Penny is writing a book based on the documentary to be called, THE HEALING FIELD. The book will be available in 2020. Contact Penny if you would like to be on the mailing list for the book.


Ron Lavin will be unavailable to give healing sessions through 2019. He is in the process of writing a book. Please see our list of OLHT Certified Energy Healing Practitioners  for your healing needs. Thank you.

RON LAVIN, MA., International Director
(845) 878–5165      Ronlavinny@gmail.com
184 Todd Hill Rd. Lagrangeville, NY 12540

Penny Price Lavin – Assoc. Director
pennylavin@gmail.com (845-878-5165)
Please contact Penny if you would like to schedule
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