There are hundreds of studies demonstrating the effectiveness of energy healing, including these:


Ron Lavin, MA, using One Light Healing Touch therapy, has participated in four studies funded by the NIH’s National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, through CA Pacific Medical Center. The studies are called “landmark" and demonstrate that energy healing had “positive effects on AIDS patients. All of the patients in the treatment group had an overall impressive improvement in their health and showed significant results: they acquired significantly fewer new AIDS-defining illness; they had noted decrease and/or elimination of various opportunistic diseases; they had lower severity of illness and required significantly fewer doctor visits, fewer hospitalizations and fewer days in the hospital. The treated subjects also showed a significantly improved state of mind and mood." The researchers called the results, “remarkable,” since it is the opportunistic diseases rather than AIDS itself, which causes patient deaths. The studies were double blind with two parallel groups and were conducted through California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco. The initial 1996 study was small, yet its results were noteworthy and were featured in Time Magazine. The second study was larger, with 40 AIDS patients and 40 healers. The results were reported in the Western Journal of Medicine in 1998. In both studies, healing was done at a Distance. The healers in the study used differing types of energy healing traditions. Usual care was given, no placebo was necessary. Patients were tracked 18 months after the healing. Sponsors included: Elizabeth Targ, MD, The Institute for Noetic Sciences & Larry Dossey, MD. (footnote 1)


The most complete compendium of studies showing the effectiveness of energy healing is from psychiatrist, Dr. Daniel J. Benor. He surveyed all such studies prior to 1990. They were done on enzymes, cells, yeasts, bacteria, plants, animals and human beings. “Of the 131 controlled experiments on ‘spiritual, psychic, prayer or psi’ healing, over 50% showed statistically significant results. In 56 of the studies, there was less than 1 chance in a 100 that positive results were due to chance, in another 21 studies, the possibility of chance was between 2 and 5 in 100.” (footnote 2)

Inhibiting Cancer Cell Growth: Spiritual healer, M. Manning used energy healing and inhibited cancer cell growth in cell cultures, producing changes of 200 to 1,200% in their growth characteristics. He influenced them even when he was placed in a distant room that was shielded from electrical influences.” (footnote 3)

Affect on Fungus Cultures: Ten energy healers inhibited growth of fungus cultures in the laboratory by using intention of concentrating on them for 15 minutes, from a distance of 1.5 yards. The cultures were then incubated for several hours. Of the total of 194 cultures dishes, 151 showed retarded growth. (footnote 4)

Wound Healing: A double-blind study of 44 patients with artificially created, full-skin-thickness surgical wounds. The treated group of 23 patients, received energy healing for 5 min. treatments. By day 16, 13 of 23 subject’s wounds were completely healed, (wound size “0”), compared with none in the untreated group. (footnote 5)

Hemoglobin Level: In 1971 Dr. Dolores Krieger did a study on in-vivo hemoglobin values. This study was replicated 3 times and the hypotheses were confirmed: The group receiving energy healing had a significant increase in their hemoglobin level, from that of the control group who received routine nursing care. (footnote 6)

Anxiety of Hospitalized Cardiovascular Patients: The anxiety of the patients in the treated group was significantly reduced, experiencing a (p<.001) reduction in state anxiety, compared to the control group. (footnote 7)

Stress Reduction/Relaxation/Strengthening Of Immune Function: The results of 14 patients receiving 30 minute energy healing sessions: a) Significant reduction in anxiety from t (22)=2.45, P=.02.: b) Significant drop in systolic blood pressure (SBP), F (2, 44) =6.60, P <.01: c) Significant rise of sIg A levels after treatment indicating a possible increase in the immune function. from, t (19) =2.33, P =.03. (footnote 8)


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The Intention Experiment, and The Field – by Lynne McTaggart

Energy Medicine - Practical Applications and Scientific Proof – by Dr. Norman Shealy, former president of the American Holistic Medical Assoc. 

Energy Medicine, The Scientific Basis – by James L. Oschman

Daniel Benor, MD – (see #2 under studies.) See his website for more research. www.wholistichealingresearch.com