Ron Lavin, MA, Founder & Director,  845-878-5165
184 Todd Hill Rd., Lagrangeville, NY 12540
Ron is the Founder and Director of One Light Healing Touch, an International Energy Healing and Mystery School, which he founded in 1996. The schools are in the US, Toronto and Germany.  He currently serves as a guest lecturer in Penny Lavin’s schools, and the Masters.  Ron is a renowned spiritual healer and gifted psychic with over 35 years of experience. His background includes training at the Berkeley Psychic Institute, work with many contemporary metaphysical healers, teachers, and Shamans, in addition to following his own Spiritual Guidance since childhood.  See his “Bio” and “Energy healing sessions” for details.
Penny Price Lavin, Assoc. Director 845-878-5165
184 Todd Hill Rd., Lagrangeville, NY 12540
Penny is an Instructor/Practitioner, and has private energy healing practice in Lagrangeville, NY. She has been a life-long spiritual seeker, and has studied energy medicine, mind-body techniques, Reiki, Shamanic practices, mental imagery, and spiritual studies. She has practiced energy medicine since 1985, and has presented OLHT at numerous NY Centers. “I attending the Basic Training with Penny in LA. She is a master Instructor, and her intention catapults the energy healings, enabling the students to become more proficient healers!”- Julie C., 2018.  “Penny is a skilled healer and wonderful Instructor. She is psychic, wise, and has a charming sense of humor.” – Lena M., 2018. “Penny has profound soul power. I sensed she could feel, see and understand many things about me, even those that I am not yet aware of.”- A. J., 2018.  Penny is also an award-winning filmmaker. Her documentary, THE HEALING FIELD – Exploring Energy and Consciousness, features renowned experts, including Ron Lavin, Bruce Lipton and many more. It can be seen on Amazon,, and PBS. Penny’s book, THE HEALING FIELD, is based on the documentary and should be available by Oct. 15, 2019. Contact Penny if you would like to be on the mailing list for the book.  •
Sharon Johnston 845-309-6413
6384 Mill Street (Route 9) Rhinebeck, NY 12572
Sharon is an Instructor/Practitioner and has had a private energy healing practice in Rhinebeck, NY since 2008.  She and Karen Ransom co-teach the Basic training in Rhinebeck. Sharon is also a Bach Flower and Essential Oil Practitioner and over the years has studied various Holistic Therapies in her home country of England. “I attended a workshop taught by Sharon and Karen and I was impressed by the caliber of the teaching and their professionalism and kindness.” – Joanna Dupee
Karen Ransom, LMT 914-489-3559
6384 Mill Street (Route 9) Rhinebeck, NY 12572
Karen is an Instructor/Practitioner and has had a private energy healing practice in Rhinebeck, NY since 2008.  She and Sharon Johnston co-teach the Basic Training in Rhinebeck. Karen is also a licensed massage therapist, a Bowen Therapy and Bach Flower Practitioner, has taught Hatha Yoga and meditation, and has practiced various healing modalities for more than 40 years.


Julia Ananda Bryer,  704-724-3842
Salt Lake City, Utah

Julia Ananda Bryer is an Instructor/Practitioner and has a private practice in Salt Lake City, Utah. She has been working with energy healing since 2011. She is also a yoga therapist and yoga festival producer. In her private practice, she weaves together OLHT energy healing, visualization, meditation, breath work, mantra, therapeutic yoga, and intuitive consultations.