Testimonials About Ron


Ron Lavin is one of the major healers and teachers of the healing arts of our generation and his work is both profound and impeccable.” — Rick Jarow, Ph.D., Professor of Spiritual Studies, Vassar College and author

“Ron Lavin is a loving and talented teacher and a most gifted, hands-on healer.” — Gerry Epstein, M.D., author, Healing Visualizations

“Ron Lavin combines ancient spiritual wisdom, skilled healing techniques, and his own experience of love and wisdom to facilitate the understanding and release of individual or group problems. As a spiritual healer and teacher, he has brought relief to many.”— Vernon Sylvest, M.D., author, Who Gets Sick, Who Gets Well

“Ron Lavin interweaves Divine inspiration with heartfelt compassion to create transformational healing experiences.” — Peter Russell, Ph.D., author, The Global Brain and From Science to God

“Ron Lavin is an inspired visionary and a dynamic force for planetary transformation, who works with heart, humor and integrity.” — Barbara Marx Hubbard, author, The Revelation: Our Crisis Is A Birth

“Thank you for giving the workshop at the Expo. It was expanding and interesting. Our participants gave you rave reviews, and your delivery was impeccable, professional and compassionate.” — Joy Jacot, Whole Life Promotions

“Ron, I am so grateful to you for your ability to help people find their true connection with Spirit without all the trappings of a Guru. You are a Warrior of Light. I am forever grateful for the clarity, truth and honor that you bring to this work.” — Martha Sullivan, RN

“Thank you for bringing your work forward and allowing me to be a part of it. Your gifts are reverberating throughout the world. I am blessed to have you in my life – teaching and guiding me.”– Cathy French

“Dear Ron, you appeared in my life almost at the beginning of my search on my spiritual path and that was my Luck. You know the saying – ” when the disciple is ready, the master appears.” Thank you so much for existing and for the teachings and experiences you shared with me and for helping me grow!” – Christine L., – Paris, France

“The healing you did with me yesterday was healing in so many ways. Also, I wanted to say that what you have brought to the planet, in my heart, is so immensely beautiful, valuable, and needed. I am so moved by your fervor, determination, vision, constancy, and humility. You are a guide, a leader, a teacher, and a role model to me. I deeply appreciate this work.” – Jacquie Harding, Psychotherapist

“Thank you. I’m so grateful to have met you in my life. I feel and felt through you how it is when the Love, Light and Beauty of God comes through a human being to the earth. Your healings and work have helped me overcome big fears and relax, totally in the Love divine. These meetings with you changed the points in my life in such a deep and necessary way.” – Silke Regina Dir. SRG-Institut für Neue Psychologie

“I feel that many of the experiences I have had with healing the last few years have touched my heart and soul in a lasting way. You have played a tremendous role in my healing experience and continue to do so.” – K. C.

“The Masters meant so much to me. I am so grateful to you for all of your effort and huge contribution to my well-being! Thank you, thank you.” — April G.

“Because of your teachings and unique being, my life is fuller and more meaningful in countless ways, and I will always be thankful.” — Judy B.

“Ron Lavin is a knowledgeable, resourceful, clear, direct and dependable teacher who draws on a wide variety of experiences in his presentations. He has great sensitivity and sense of humor. He is a man who lives what he teaches and has a deep, clear commitment to bringing healing into the main stream of healthcare.” — Janet Hand, MA, RN, Assist. Prof. Adelphi University

“Thank you for the interesting and enlightening presentation you gave to our Rehabilitation Dept. Everyone found it very thought-provoking.”– Barry Leshner, PT, St. Johns Episcopal Hospital, Far Rockaway, Long Island

“Ron thank you for speaking to our Hospice staff. Your presentation was inspiring and it felt like a renewal for many.” — Beverly Brauer, RN, Hospice, Inc. Poughkeepsie, NY