Ron Lavin, MA
Penny Price Lavin
Instructor & Assoc. Director
Sharon Johnston
Karen Ransom
Julia Ananda
Lyn McGuffy
Jennifer Schnabel



SCHOOLS with Instructor, Penny Price Lavin 

LAGRANGEVILLE, NY – with Penny Lavin and Ron Lavin, Guest Lecturer
Healer Support Groups:  Jan. 12, March 15, May 17, Aug. 2, and Nov.22. (2-4:15) Open to all OLHT Graduates.
Healer Support Groups from a DistanceFeb. 23, June 28, Dec.13  (12-1:30 EST) Open to all OLHT Graduates.

BASIC TRAINING: June 12-14, July 17-19, Aug. 14-16, Oct. 16-18, Nov. 6-8, Dec. 4-6.  (18-day training)  $3,500 + offered discounts.
INTRO WORKSHOPS: All registration information is listed on the flyer.
April 5 – Garrison Library 2-3:30  •  April 11 – Sacred Space, Beacon, NY  1-3pm
April 18 – Fishkill Library 2-3:30  •  April 20 – Mahopac Library 6:30-8pm
A DAY OF HEALING: April 25, May 3, & May 9 (10-5pm) $160 ($10 off with registration 2 weeks prior, includes lunch.)  Lagrangeville, NY.  Contact Penny for a flyer.

LONDON, ENGLAND – BASIC TRAINING:  Sept. 5-13 with Instructor, Penny Lavin. (12-day training: 9 days in London + 3 Zoom days, Oct/Nov.) Tuition: $2,600USD+  $100 discount with early registration by May 15. Register early as space is limited.  Includes lunch, manual & 6 CDs/MP3s. (Schedule: 10-5:45) Register on this website with $300 USD deposit.  Location: Bromley Court Hotel, Bromley Hill, Bromley, Kent. BR1 4JD. Hotel is  L90/w breakfast. Students must book hotel room 6 weeks prior to get this rate. Free parking, WIFI, has restaurant. Contact Penny for a flyer.
*CONTACT PENNY: pennylavin@gmail.com  845-878-5165   OLHT1.com

SCHOOLS with Instructor,
 Julia Ananda 

LOS ANGELES, CA – BASIC TRAININGMarch 22-28 & May 3-9  (14-day training) $2,950 + offered discounts. Location: Marriott Courtyard, Torrance, CA.
TORONTO – BASIC TRAINING:  TBA, Sept & Nov. (14-day training) $2,950 + offered discounts.   Location: OM Toronto, 55 Spring Garden Ave. Toronto
LAS VEGAS – BASIC TRAINING: Oct. 4-10 & Dec. 6-12, 2020  (14-day training) $2,950+ offered discounts. Location: Marriott Courtyard, Green Valley
CONTACT JULIA:  Julia@freetobefree.com    704-724-3842  INFO & REGISTRATION:   freetobefree.com 


INDIANAPOLIS – Instructor, Lyn McGuffey

BASIC TRAINING: June 12-14, July 10-12, August 14-16, Sept.11-13, Oct. 9-11, Nov. 13-15  (18-day training) $3,500 + offered discounts.
CONTACT LYN: lynmcguff@gmail.com   859-750-8444    lynmcguffeyhealing.com 


SCHOOLS with Instructor, Jennifer Schnabel

SYRACUSE, NY: BASIC TRAINING:  June 12-14, July 17-19, August 14-16, September 11-13, October 23-25. (15-day training) $3,200 + offered discounts. Location TBA.  Contact Jenn for a flyer.
MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA: BASIC TRAINING. November 21-29, 2020. (12-day training: 9 days in Melbourne + 3 Zoom days in Dec.) Tuition: $2,600USD + $100 discount for early registration. Location TBA. Contact Jenn for a flyer.
CONTACT JENN:  nyjenn@gmail.com     alternativehealinginc.com

RHINEBECK, NY – Instructors, Karen Ransom & Sharon Johnston

BASIC TRAINING: Sept. to March   (18-day training) $3,500 + offered discounts.
*CONTACT KAREN: krransom@optimum.net  914-489-3559;  or SHARON: sharonfj21@frontiernet.net  845-876-5233    rhinebeckbowenwork.com


ORLANDO – Instructors, Julia Ananda & Lyn McGuffey

BASIC TRAINING:  Jan 17-23 & March 14-20  Location: Holiday Inn Resort.  (14-day training) $2,950 + offered discounts.
CONTACT JULIA:  Julia@freetobefree.com    704-724-3842    freetobefree.com
 lynmcguffeyhealing@gmail.com  859-750-8444    lynmcguffeyhealing.com 

LAGRANGEVILLE, NY – Instructor, Penny Price Lavin with Ron Lavin, Guest Lecturer

BASIC TRAINING:  June 11-13, July 16-18, Aug. 13-15, Sept. 17-19, Oct. 15-17, Nov. 12-14.  (18-day training) $3,500 + offered discounts.
*CONTACT PENNY: pennylavin@gmail.com  845-878-5165  OLHT1.com


SCHOOLS in GERMANY: For information and training schedules for the following cities, please contact our fine Instructors:

MAINZ, TRIER and MUNICH, GERMANY – Instructor Joachim Deschermaier, Osteopath
jd@spirituelle-lebenspraxis.de    Ph. 49-06-131/5530580    www.spirituelle-lebenspraxis.de

TUBINGEN & LEIPZIG, GERMANY – Instructor Susanne Bousset
SusanneBousset@Yahoo.de    Ph. 49-7071-367019  www.susannebousset.de

WIESBADEN, GERMANY – Instructor Tanja Cibulski  (Training begins July 2020)
tanja@herz-und-atemraum.de      www.herz-und-atemraum.de


How do we step into the next chapter of our lives?

Realize that the higher self, the inner voice, is you. Bring your projections home as your own developmental potential. Ask that deeper self to take dominion within your personality selves, and shift your identity from your ego to your essence. This is the key step to being born as a more universal human. Then, find life purpose. Ask to know what you are born to do. Follow the compass of joy. Seek out those who affirm the highest in you. Where two or more are gathered in the name of that highest dimension or your being there, “I Am” is in your midst. Everyone is needed. Everyone is called. The greatest blessing any one of us can have is to say “yes” to the dormant potential within us. Reach out to those who attract you, and connect with as many others doing the same as you possibly can.”
– Barbara Marx Hubbard, Futurist

“The Self does not come in from anywhere nor does it enter the body through the crown of the head. It is as it is, ever shining, ever steady, unmoving and unchanging. The changes which are noticed are not inherent in the Self, for the Self abides in the heart and is self-luminous like the sun. The changes are seen in Its light. The relationship between the Self and the body or the mind may be compared to that of a clear crystal and its background. If the crystal is placed against a red flower it shines red, if against green it shines green, and so on. The individual confines himself to the limits of the changeable body or of the mind which derives its existance from the unchanging Self. All that is necessary is to give up this mistaken identity and, that done, the ever shining Self will be seen to be the single, non-dual Reality.”
– Sri Ramana Maharshi

“The best action any of us can take, as evolving spiritual beings, is to guide The Light into our crown and heart centers, allowing It to still the mind and dissolve all of our blockages and programming. Then as we allow It to flow into the heart of the Earth, through Her infinite grace and the healing powers of gravity, It connects us to the as above and the so below, thus cleansing and opening the heart, expanding our consciousness, and affording us perfect spiritual guidance and evolutionary growth, throughout our lifetimes on Earth.”
– Ron Lavin, Rev., MA.