Energy Healing Sessions

ONE LIGHT HEALING TOUCH – Energy Healing Sessions

If you would like to experience deep personal healing and transformational growth, please consider attending one of our schools. There’s nothing as deeply healing as being immersed in the energy, experiencing the practices and giving and receiving healings!
See our school locations page for all of our dates.

FOR SESSIONS WITH AN OLHT CERTIFIED PRACTITIONER: Please see our list of Certified Practitioners for a healer near you, and contact them for an appointment and fee information. One-Hour Sessions can be done in-person, or at a distance. Our Practitioners are trained in using advanced energy healing techniques and Masters Graduates learn “Master Healer” energy techniques. Our energy healing methods have shown themselves to be profoundly effective for treating a broad range of chronic and acute conditions. (See Healing Stories)

RON LAVIN WILL BE ON HIATUS UNTIL  June 15.  If you would like to have an energy healing session with Ron, please contact him after that time.
One-hour sessions are $200.

All Fees for Distant and In-Person Sessions are due in advance and are payable by check or credit card.
For a Distant Healing: Please send in your payment by credit card as instructed below; and send Ron an email at: stating your issues of concern and a photo of yourself; and give your location and time zone; and let him know if you’re available weekdays or weekends. Session are typically in the morning EST. When Ron receives your payment and material, he will respond to you within 7 days. Sessions are scheduled within two to three weeks.
For an In-person session: In advance of the session, please email Ron at:  and state your issues of concern, and if you’re available weekdays or weekends in the morning EST.
For Credit card payments, go to Go to “Services,” Click “Online Payment,” then click on “the Paypal icon” and follow the prompts.
If paying by check, please make it payable to: Ron Lavin  184 Todd Hill Rd. Lagrangeville, NY 12540.

TESTIMONIALS for Ron Lavin’s In-Person and Distance-Healing Sessions: 

“Thank you! It was amazing energy healing session. I re-experienced the beckoning stars of the between lives – a beautiful, precious experience! You have mined the gold of your spiritual experiences and shaped it into a beneficial set of teachings for intermediate, beginner, and advanced practitioners. I appreciate how you model and nurture one’s own connection with one’s higher-self. – Nelson A., Jan. 2018 (In-person session)

“I am very grateful for the wisdom that Ron shared with me. His compassionate and joyful approach creates a delightfully profound experience.  The healing that Ron gave me facilitated a welcome release of long-standing and disempowering patterns.  Ron filled me with such an abundance of light and love that my entire being felt enormously joyful and my legs felt like they were sparkling!”- Julia B., Jan. 2018  (In-person session)

“During the session, I had a clear sense of total relaxation, almost an ecstatic state. I had multiple visions and I experienced the sensation of your energy passing throughout my body leaving a tingling feeling of well-being.” – Dennis W., April 2018 (Distant Healing session)

“Thank you so much. I actually feel better already. I felt heat on my right arm and mid-body early in the session. It felt like it was moving in a wave. After the session, my daughter came to ask me for help. I didn’t feel that dread, tiredness, and my mind actually worked. I’m so excited. My mind WORKS! I’m not in a confused, exhausted, overwhelmed fog. I’ve been helping her for 2 hours and I’m still alert. Thank You so much!”   – Leslie S., Jan. 2018  (Distant Healing session)

“During the session I released fear, doubt, self-criticism, pain, inflammation and forgave others and myself, and released negative energies. I saw a vortex of swirling light “sweep” the body, head to toe, cleaning all muscles and organs!   The Light of Spirit filled the void and I sensed & felt health & vitality and claimed wellness. A layer of doubt and uncertainly is gone! I bathed in the light and felt a sense of love.  Thank you for sharing the healing gift. “- Eduardo R., Jan. 2018 (Distant Healing session)

“I cannot thank you enough. Your distant healing energy sessions helped my wife, bring our daughter “to term”, without the previous miscarriages due to the complications of her shortened cervix.” – Steve E., Finland, April 2017. (Distant Healing session)

“ONE LIGHT HEALING TOUCH, both the private sessions and the school, have helped me to transform myself in profound ways; where 10 years of psychotherapy, and 18 years of TM had only scratched the surface. Thank you Ron!” — S.A., Student

Energy Healing has been found to dramatically increase the body’s ability to heal itself including the reduction of pain and stress, increasing the speed of healing, and regulating blood-chemistry. It has been used effectively for treating numerous conditions, including: AIDS-related opportunistic diseases, asthma, arthritis, bronchitis, bone healing, cancer, cysts, emphysema, epilepsy, headaches, heart and lung conditions, high-blood pressure, infections, rashes, tumors, ulcers, wounds, as well as pre to post-surgical patient care.


1) Pain relief – This sought-after result is often immediate.
2) Improved sense of well being and
 quality of life.
3) Reduced stress, and anxiety.
4) Balancing and strengthening the immune system.
5) Accelerated recovery from invasive or surgical procedures.
6) Increased personal growth and self-awareness.
7) Trauma release due to emotional or physical causes.
8) Aid in spiritual concerns: end-of-life issues.

Sunset in Madaba, Jordan—Mt Nebo (where Moses died) – Robin Lavin©2010