One Light Healing Touch: International Energy Healing and Mystery School

The Encyclopedia of Energy Medicine – By Linnie Thomas March 15, 2010
One Light Healing Touch (OLHT), created by Ron Lavin, MA, is a cultivated blend of spiritual healing techniques from a variety of cultures and traditions, such as esoteric energy healing, Shamanism, and holistic, hands-on healing. These techniques include the energy field, chakra clearing, color, male–female balancing, Christ consciousness, chelation, clairvoyance, archangel assistance, distance, Chiron, kundalini, Metatron, Infinite Soul, out-of-body and past-life healing, time-line, sacred initiations into higher states of consciousness, and self-healing practices, such as meditation, visualization, sound and breath work, movement, and sacred ceremony. In an article written for the Poughkeepsie Journal, Lavin states: “Healing is any activity that increases communication between one’s body and spirit, allowing one to move towards greater levels of self-acceptance, integration, and wholeness.”

Lavin’s spiritual path began with a mystical experience when he was a young boy. Much later, in 1970, while on a break between college and law school, he went on a trip to Oaxaca Mexico and met a Zapotec shaman, and that meeting changed his life. He was so taken with the man that he stayed and studied with the shaman for more than a year, and returned home to attend school at the Berkeley Psychic Institute and study with a 33 degree mason and Rosicrucian Master, Rev. Lewis Bostwick. Wanting more, he studied with a Tibetan teacher, Kalu Rimpoche, Native American shamans, Swiftdeer and Sun Bear, Dr. Brugh Joy, Richard Moss, Margo Annand, Alex Tanous, PhD, Gordon Davidson, Corinne McLaughlin, Ingo Swan, Stylianos “Daskalos” Atteshlis, Phd., Robert Jaffe, MD. and read many of the teachings of Alice Bailey.

Lavin’s studies led him to believe that rather than working with religions, per se, he could conscientiously work directly with spiritual energy and with nature’s own electromagnetic forces inherent in all living things to create health and healing. He believes a healer is a vessel for light who invokes these higher levels of pure healing essence and transfers it to another by means of will, intention, and love. Lavin has brought some 50 self-healing practices and over 55 techniques for healing on others together to form the One Light Healing Touch two year healer training schools. He currently heads 14 OLHT schools in the United States and Germany. Along with a private practice, he has participated in distance healing studies with the California Pacific Medical Center and the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

An OLHT session begins with the client reclining comfortably while the practitioner starts a spirit to spirit communication with the client and moves to an energy healing modality of one or a multiplicity of types. The healer asks for permission from both the client and the client’s higher self before proceeding. To begin the process, the practitioner moves her hands a little above the body while reading and scanning for blocked energy. Once found, the healer may begin to remove blockages, and then opens to the energetic flow and radiates energy into one or more of the chakras, organs or glands of the client through her hands, heart, and eyes, using one or more of 55 techniques to bring healing to the client and restore harmony and balance. The practitioner ends the session by discussing what changes and energy practices a client might initiate in order to remain healthy and well-balanced.

Course Descriptions

Ten schools for One Light Healing Touch may be found in Germany and four in the United States. Students learn esoteric, shamanic, holistic, energetic, and hands-on techniques along with meditation, visualization, sound work, breath work, movement and sacred ceremony. They offer certification at each of the basic, masters and teachers levels in the form of a certificate of completion at the end of each course. Go to Course Page >>