OUR INNER OCEAN – A World Of Healing Modalities

By LeCain W. Smith Aug. 2014

(Article excerpt) ) The book is available on Amazon and Balboa Press.

One Light Healing Touch is a grounded and heart-centered method intended for personal transformation and the healing of others. It focuses on clearing blockages and rebalancing the human energy field by using both spiritual and energetic hands-on healing practices and techniques. It was developed by Ron Lavin MA., who is an innately gifted psychic and spiritual healer with a strong background in shamanic work and other esoteric spiritual healing modalities; he has participated in a number of landmark healing studies with the National Institutes of Health. His work draws on a blend of ancient spiritual teachings, including the healing knowledge of the Sufis, Tibetans, Rosicrucians, and Native Americans. The goal of One Light Healing Touch is to help individuals access their own healing potential.The healing process may use any combination of over thirty-three sacred and effective healing techniques that include scanning, aura work, chakra and energy balancing work, chelation, time line therapy, color therapy, white light healing, breathwork, meditation, visualization, sound work, movement, magnetic healing, sacred initiations, and past life therapy. In addition, radiant healing techniques are used to open and embody various vibrational levels of the life-force energy.

The healer is trained to develop special gifts of intuition and clairvoyance, which enable him to see energy and blockages within the body. He can also perceive the trauma that caused an illness and provide a space that light energy can come into and heal. To be most effective, practitioners are trained in a variety of energetic self-healing and strengthening practices such as the Nine Point Protocol, the six position movements, grounding tools, clearing the field, energy running practices, meditation, breathwork, visualization, alchemy, auric cleaning, sacred ceremony, akashic records, archangel initiation, distance healing, and methods of eliminating blockages, and strengthening a client’s connection to the core of his being. The preparation and energetic cleansing of the practitioner is strongly emphasized. Lavin also maintains the importance of listening from the heart and acting upon the truths that flow from the source into awareness.
Actual physical contact is optional and done only with the consent of the client; any contact is noninvasive and non-manipulative. The basic principle is that when vibratory rates and levels are raised, a person can take in and maintain more clear light energy. The recipient is assisted in remaining grounded as light energy is sent through the body, chakras, and auric field. Many aspects of a treatment work on a soul level to release restrictions and shift old patterns of behavior into a state of being that is more energetically connected. Old adopted belief systems that constrict and no longer serve are dismantled, removed, and released from the body. Clients are also given holistic healing tools to help facilitate their healing between sessions and empower them to be more actively involved.Since the original school was founded in 1996, Lavin and his wife, Penny have established schools with workshops teaching One Light Healing Touch and additional exercises to many who want to either become intuitive healers or simply live with their heart more open on a daily basis.

Ron Lavin giving a healing session