Teacher Training


Penny Lavin, Instructor, with Ron Lavin, Guest Lecturer.
The training is inclusive of all the information necessary to open an ONE LIGHT HEALING TOUCH school and to train students to become exemplary healers.

The various areas of training include:

• Presenting spiritual and energy based healing concepts from the esoteric, Shamanic, holistic, energetic, and hands-on healing formats

• Leading students in 50 of the Healing Practices in the categories of Meditation, Visualization, Sound work, Breath work, Movement and Sacred Ceremony

• Leading 33 Healing Techniques, from Radiant, Chakra, Color, Magnetic, Heart, Male/Female, Christ, Clairvoyant, Archangelic, and Past-life, to Distance healing

• Initiating students into higher states of consciousness

• Reading individual students to better understand them

• Holding the group energy

• Answering questions and giving information to which the answers are known by the trainer, and channeling answers to questions that are unknown to the trainer

• The training also includes information on enrolling, advertising, publicity and supplies Training manuals and homework schedules

• Basic Training (and Repeat 1 time)
• Masters Training
• Interview for acceptance