What Makes OLHT Unique


ENERGY HEALING  is an ancient art form that has been used worldwide for thousands of years. Today, there is a resurgence of interest in Energy Healing, along with the entire field of complementary care.

The ONE LIGHT HEALING TOUCH School, founded by Ron Lavin, MA, in 1996, gets exceptional marks in the quality, depth and breadth of its comprehensive educational training and its adherence to the standards of caring, inherent in this ancient traditional healing art, making it a leader in the field.  It is especially noteworthy that the One Light Healing Touch School offers in-depth training in SEVEN of the recognized CAM practices: Long Distance Healing, Energy Healing, Guided Imagery, Healing Movement, Meditation, Mind-body Healing, and Non-religious Spirituality.

Today, we have many challenges and stresses in our lives, and it’s often difficult to stay balanced and grounded. ONE LIGHT HEALING TOUCH teaches a range of profoundly effective ways to release programming, stress and chronic-health issues, and open your heart, creativity and intuition and live in a deeply present, grounded and balanced manner.  The training is unique with its comprehensive depth. The Basic Training teaches over 50 Self-Healing Practices and advanced Energy Healing Techniques, and an additional 22 Energy Healing Techniques are taught in the Masters Training. Our Master’s Graduates also learn how to give “Master-Healer” Energy Healings. ONE LIGHT HEALING TOUCH is committed to the evolution of humanity.

In addition, the program includes the following Unique Tools and Teachings:
The training honors all spiritual traditions and serves the novice and advanced practitioner alike.
– The unique ONE LIGHT HEALING TOUCH Nine-Point Protocol, insuring that our healing-work is done in a safe and ethical manner.
– Teaching how to connect to one’s Higher Self and to the client’s Higher Self for clear guidance during the healing process.
– Teaching how to open to our clairvoyance and intuition, to receive our most authentic spiritual guidance.
– Teaching the unique material in the Basic Training, which helps release old emotional issues including traumas, programming and limiting sabotaging patterns, from deep subconscious levels, so participant’s experience deep, transformational growth and change.
– A range of heart-healing techniques, essential to one’s growth to facilitate opening to spirit. The heart is the gateway to the soul and must be cleansed and open to allow for all stages of our spiritual growth.
– Teaching many spiritual practices to deepen our connection with Spirit, and to unlock and reveal our purpose for being in this lifetime.
– Graduates who give healing sessions learn a variety of self-healing practices to offer their clients to do between sessions.

MASTER HEALER” Energy Research
Dr. Russell Targ tested Ron Lavin in the early 1990’s and found him to have “Master Healer” energy qualities. Dr. Targ used a machine measuring magnetic energy and Lavin’s healing energy registered about .8 hertz, and “the strength and quality of that energy was robust.” Ron Lavin was then invited to join Dr. Elizabeth Targ’s study in which “Master Healers” worked on AIDs patients. The results were highly positive and it was considered a “landmark” energy healing study. See Study #1 on the website.

Gary Schwartz, a world-renowned researcher, did a study of “Masters Healer’s” and some popular simple energy healing methods. He found that “Master Healers” averaged about 1/3 more magnetic-field changes per minute, than the other healers.
Footnote: M. Conner, G. Schwartz, et al. – Research paper presented at the Toward a Science of Consciousness ­– Tucson, Ariz., April 2006.

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