Intern Program

INTERN PROGRAM: Eighteen-Day Training

Prerequisite: Completion of the Masters and ongoing participation in the Teacher Training. The Intern Program is the final step of the Teacher Training and it takes place in the classroom.

This is where Interns hone, perfect, and demonstrate their skills and deliver the fruits of their extensive Basic, Masters and Teacher Training’s to new students under the auspices of a Certified Instructor. Interns will present concepts, practices, and techniques, answer questions, channel information, read students, and hold the group energy, in this the final step of their Instructor Certification. Interns will present spiritual and energy based healing concepts from the esoteric, Shamanic, holistic, energetic, and hands-on healing formats and present Healing Practices and Healing Techniques, from Radiant, Chakra, Color, Magnetic, Heart, Male/Female, Christ, Clairvoyant, Archangelic, and Past-life, to Distance Healing.

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