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BREAST CANCER “I was diagnosed with having localized cancer cells in one of my breasts and I had been heavily pressured by some leading New York breast care specialists to have a mastectomy, however I decided to take the ONE LIGHT HEALING TOUCH Basic Training with Penny Lavin, and learn the techniques and practices for my own self-healing. Shortly after the end of the training, I went for a “checkup” mammogram and was thrilled to learn that it showed that my breast condition was now normal!” – “J”

LYMPHEDEMA “I had painful lymphedema (swelling in my arms following breast cancer treatments). The doctors said this is a common side-affect and there was no effective treatment. However, when I took the Basic Training, my lymphedema was completely eliminated by the 4th weekend of the school.” — Joan Herman

BACK PROBLEMS “I suffered from painful lower back problems for a number of years. After the 2nd weekend of taking the School, with Penny Lavin, I felt a shift, as I released old emotional issues. The next week, my chiropractor was amazed at the shift in my body and it’s remained clear ever since.” — J.B., Social Worker

OFFICE ENERGY “I’m a social worker and see clients in my office throughout the day. By the 2nd weekend of Penny Lavin’s School, my clients and office workers noticed that my office seemed “different, brighter and felt better.” Even my plants were thriving and there’s very little light! I had begun using the powerful tools I learned in ONE LIGHT HEALING TOUCH to clear my space.” — J.B., Social Worker

FIBROMYALGIA “For 10 years I suffered from painful fibromyalgia, and I tried many types of therapies without success. However, when I took the BASIC TRAINING, my symptoms were reduced by 80%, over the six months of the course.” — M.P., Social Worker

DEPRESSION AND ANXIETY “I suffered from anxiety and depression for two decades. I sought out the conventional forms of treatment, from therapy to medication, which helped in a small ways. However, when I took the BASIC TRAINING, my depression and anxiety were eliminated by 90%. My allergies were also greatly reduced.” — J.N.

PEACE “I gave myself a White Light healing that I learned in the School, and I was able to achieve a measure of peace that I had never known from meditation. I have been doing it every night since. I never imaged I would be able to achieve that place by myself.” — Eileen C.M.S.

KNEES “After the first day of attending the ONE LIGHT HEALING TOUCH weekend workshop, my chronic knee problems improved by 75%! I had injured my knees two years before, working out on Nautilus machines, they were stiff and uncomfortable and made clicking and crunching noises whenever I walked up or down the stairs. Then, after just one day of the first weekend of the BASIC TRAINING my remaining knee problems disappeared completely. Amazing!” — K. Ransom, IBM Software Engineer


BRAIN CANCER Ron Lavin was involved in a study where he used ONE LIGHT HEALING TOUCH Distance Healing therapy on a patient who had a brain lymphoma. He did daily sessions using advanced ONE LIGHT HEALNG TOUCH techniques. The next week, the patient’s brain cancer was gone and did not return. — Ron Lavin, MA.

MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS “As a visiting nurse, one of my homebound clients is in the advanced stage of Multiple Sclerosis. Extensive contractures riddled his body, and he can no longer walk. In one of my weekly visits, I offered him an energy healing to which he agreed. After the session, he exclaimed that he could feel his legs again! My nursing assessment also noted, that his usually very rigid muscle tone, was more relaxed.” — Louella McGuigan, RN, Mahopac, NY.

PACEMAKER DURING SURGERY “An elderly patient was having her pacemaker changed and was highly agitated in the OR. The doctor gave me permission to see if Energy Healing might help her. I used the ONE LIGHT HEALING TOUCH Protocols and directed healing energy though the patient’s head, into the whole body. The patient immediately calmed down, was fine throughout the procedure, and was clear and calm after the surgery.”— Martha Sullivan, RN,  Instructor/Practitioner

BLOOD PRESSURE “I did a healing on a client who had high blood pressure. They had taken their blood pressure before and after I did my healing. After the healing, their blood pressure dropped by 10 points. (From 140 over 80, to 130 over 80.)” — Nancy McAlley, RN

ALS DISEASE “During one of my night shift as a private duty nurse to a patient suffering from Amyolotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), I noted her heart rate to be very rapid, at 94-99 bpm (tachycardia), and I learned that it had been so all afternoon. I waited till my patient fell asleep, and then gave her an ONE LIGHT HEALING TOUCH energy healing. About 10-15 minutes after the session, her heart rate began decreasing, and 2 hours later, it had normalized to 78-80 bpm and continued until my shift ended at 8 AM. Her mood was also positively affected. The next day, the day-nurse reported that our normally grouchy patient was in “good spirits” all day long.” — Louella McGuigan, RN, Mahopac, NY

CANCER “We saw a woman with several brain cancers. We worked on her head and liver, using various ONE LIGHT HEALING TOUCH techniques. The patient immediately said she hadn’t felt so good in over a year. A few days later the patient had an MRI. Two of the three tumors were gone and the third had shrunk from 2.8 cm to 1.0 cm. Shortly thereafter, during the patient’s laser radiation on the remaining tumor, we performed an advanced Distance Healing technique on the patient. The patient came through the operation successfully without any brain damage. Afterward, her blood levels were tested and shown to be within normal range.” — Annie B. Bond & K.D., Rhinebeck, NY.

RECOVERY FROM A CAR ACCIDENT A woman, involved in a serious automobile accident, was left with multiple pelvic injuries and acute pain. Ron Lavin saw her once a week for 6 weeks, after her release from hospital. Her doctor, family and the patient, all commented that the speed of her recovery, as well as the reduction of her pain level, was unparalleled. — Ron Lavin, MA. 

EXTREME HYPERTENSION A patient was admitted to the hospital, suffering from extreme hypertension, but the drugs administered were unable to stabilize the condition. The doctor said she could very likely go into cardiac arrest. The next day, Ron and Penny Lavin went to the hospital and gave the patient a session, which stabilized her immediately. She was then able to be placed on a lower drug dosage, and was released the next day. — Penny & Ron Lavin, MA. Instructors and Practitioners

DISTANCE HEALING “Thank you Ron for giving the long­-distance healings to my son. He’s now more focused in his schoolwork, applying himself and taking pride in his achievements, and even helping around the house and is even compassionate with his sisters! He even says he’s feeling differently and is more at ease with himself and his surroundings. The energy work has made an enormous difference.” — Judy B.

DISTANCE HEALING During the school, I learned and “practiced” Distance Healing on a difficult ex-husband. I followed the ONE LIGHT HEALING TOUCH protocol, and began to communicate with him Spirit to Spirit. I was guided to do a male/female healing with him. Four days later, I received a surprising and unusual letter from him, sending me a simple “Thank you”. Something clearly had shifted and healed in him and somehow, he know it was from me! We had no verbal communication of any sort. Amazing!” — J.B.

DISTANCE HEALING “I joined the ONE LIGHT HEALING TOUCH School in order to learn effective healing techniques in the hope of healing a dear friend who was suffering from “terminal” cancer. She was in a coma in hospice care. Through the months of the School, I used the energy healing techniques, in addition to distance healing, and I worked on my friend every week. Then one day, we received the news that she was out of her coma and the cancer had disappeared completely, she was in complete remission!” — Eleanor D.

MIGRAINE HEADACHES “I saw a client who had been suffering with a migraine headache for two days. After the session his migraine immediately disappeared.” — Penny Lavin, Instructor/Practitioner

PAIN AND EMOTIONAL STATES “I use a combination of energy healing and massage on patients in the hospitals. The many benefits to the patients include: their breathing becomes more relaxed, a loosening and softening of muscles, pain relief, improved sleep or ability to get to sleep, reduction of sense of isolation, reduction of fear, and improved mood.” — Cindy M., Troy, NY.

POSITIVE BUSINESS OUTCOMES  “I began using some of the tools to clear the space and raise the energy in the courtroom before we had a hearing. The energy in the room shifted and we began getting more favorable outcomes with less discord for all. It is quite amazing how the “tools” become sharper the more you use them.” — J.H.

GRIEF AND DEPRESSION “My client suffered from intense grief, due to the sudden loss of a loved one, some several years earlier. I employed our healing technique, ‘Loss Of A Loved One”, and she immediately felt an upward shift in her energy. Her new found strength, which continues today, has allowed her to feel joy, even smile, and to love again.” — Penny Lavin, Instructor/Practitioner

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