Master Training


Pre-requisite: Graduate of the Basic Training Course.
The Masters Training is typically offered every 3 years in the US and Germany.

The Masters Training includes some of the most beautiful, empowering, purifying, and important Spiritual teachings, initiations and healing techniques that any healer or indeed any evolving spiritual person may ever hope to experience. We work with The Merkabah Breath, The Kundalini and The Fire Breath, Out of Body Healing, Shamanic Soul Retrieval, Exploration of the Akasic Records, Team Healing, Crystal Healing, Advanced Color Healing, Earth Grid Healing, and Chiron, St.Germain and Metatron Initiations; Master Spirit Guide and enlightenment work and much more. It’s a rare treat to find these tools being offered anywhere, let alone together!

Healing Techniques: Team, Advanced Color, Out of Body and Past–Life Healing, Akashic Records Work, Archangelic and Healing Masters Work, Archangelic & Shamanic Soul Retrieval, Cleansing the DNA, Enlightenment Work; Healing the Earth Grids, Kundalini Activation, Fire Breath and Kundalini Color Healing, Learning Life–Lessons, Master Spirit Guide Work, Merkabah Breath Work, Monadic Family Work, Supreme Being Work; Advanced Archangelic, Chiron, Master Healer, Metatron, and White Brotherhood Initiations. Work with St. Germain and The Purple Flame, The Flowering Tree Ceremony, and more.

Lecture and Discussion: Akashic Records Teachings, Flowering Tree Teachings, Kundalini Teachings, Characteristics Of Crystals, and White Brotherhood Teachings.

Graduates Receive a Certificate of Completion.
Includes Masters Manual and 2 CDs

“I loved the Masters and experienced unforgettable spiritual dimensions and learned many powerful new technques. I did the Akashic Records Meditation before some recent Client-Sessions, and found that I was able to get all kinds of messages from the ancestral realm for the clients, that I had never had access to before. The clients found it profoundly useful.”- Jacqui H.

“I had a bad case of poison ivy/oak. I connected to an energetic I learned in the Masters and did a self-healing, and the energies totally healed my left arm, and my right arm only has a few spots left! Blessings!” Joan B.