1 Day Intensives


Learn Scanning, Radiant and Distance Healing in a powerful one-day workshop and learn to release years of accumulated stress and emotional programming. This training enhances the immune system, clears emotional and physical blockages, deepens our spiritual connections, increases understanding and awareness, and brings greater balance to our Body, Mind and Spirit.

• The Six Sacred Self-Healing Practices that help us to deepen our personal healing and spiritual awareness, including meditation, visualization, sound work, breathe work, movement, and sacred ceremony.
• The Acclaimed One Light Healing Touch “Nine Point Protocol” that teaches us how to perform healings in a protective and ethical manner.
• Scanning, Radiant, and Distance Healing, three profoundly effective healing techniques that will help us to heal our family, friends, clients and ourselves.

We highly recommend this workshop if you’d like to attend the BASIC TRAINING. ($160 + $10 off if you register 10 days prior) It will support your healing journey and teach you some of the basic practices to help you prepare for the Basic Training. 


“What a great training! At the end of the day, I felt a deep healing in both knees. I have taken healing classes before and have always felt better, but it usually doesn’t last. One Light Healing Touch provides real, deep and lasting healing! And now, you have taught me how to do it on myself. Thank you!”- Ed D.

“Since the workshop, I have been using the healing techniques on my family and we all LOVE the results. I also love the practices and feel energized and lighter! I feel so grateful. Thank you.”- AJ.

“Thank you! In the workshop, you helped me access the wonderful ethereal realm within myself. Weeks later, my energy continues to open up. Thank you!”- Equinox M.