One Light Healing Touch Journeys; Select DVDS, and The Healing Field book

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ONE LIGHT HEALING TOUCH JOURNEYS – HEALING MEDITATIONS, CHANTS AND EXERCISES with Ron Lavin, M.A.  (Available as CDs & MP3s )  Ron Lavin, MA, has created a powerful and profound audio series for self-healing. (All Rights Reserved) 

This audio series is provided to our OLHT Students, and #1 &#3 are available to the public.  This series presents extraordinary practices to bring harmony, joy, health, clarity and clairvoyance, release stress and blockages, and bring us into spiritual alignment. The practices are from shamanistic, holistic and esoteric traditions, as well as Ron’s guidance and connection with his Higher-Self and Spirit. The series helps serve to strengthen one’s personal spiritual healing practices.

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72 min. — $15.00

SIX POSITION MEDITATION & MOVEMENT™ – An essential daily practice that awakens and aligns the six positions of human existence, bringing us into a cleansed, grounded and joyous awareness. Can be done seated or standing. This is an active movement/visualization/meditation and is an excellent way to start the day.
RUNNING ENERGY™ – A powerful eight minute daily practice for coming into present time awareness, clearing foreign energy and activating one’s healing energy. This is done seated with eyes closed and can be done whenever needed and at the close of your workday.
THE NOMA powerful clearing and balancing chant that connects us to the four levels of being, followed by a visualization.
THE NIYEE – A deep and profound Native American Release Chant.

Item Number: F1 – CD
Price: $15.00

(CD Version)

Item Number: F1 – MP3  (You will receive an email from with a MP3 zip folder within 24 hours)
Price: $15.00

 (MP3 Version)


one light healing touch 3F3. ONE LIGHT HEALING TOUCH JOURNEYS – Vol. 3
75 min. — $15.00

LECTURE: MALE/ FEMALE ENERGY – Learn how our male and female imbalances affect us: how to identify imbalance; how to heal ourselves; the effect of parents; how our children stay connected to us energetically; what to do when we’re imbalanced.
MALE/FEMALE GUIDED MEDITATION – Experience an empowering, guided mediation to help clear and heal the imbalances in our male and female energy patterns. This work is key to the emotional and mental health of all of our relationships and to our society. As we heal our inner world, so it is reflected in our outer reality.

Item Number: F3 – CD
Price: $15.00

 (CD Version)

Item Number: F3 – MP3  (You will receive an email from with a MP3 zip folder within 24 hours)
Price: $15.00

 (MP3 Version)

one light healing touch 3THE HEALING FIELD:  Exploring Energy & Consciousness  (82 min. DVD)

The program is also available via streaming in the 60 min. PBS version on in English, Spanish, French and German: and on Amazon as an 82 min. DVD or streaming program.

Explore breakthroughs in energy medicine, mind-body techniques, quantum physics, and genetics.  See inspiring healing stories, and discover how energy medicine is changing our health, our society, and our future!  Ron Lavin, MA  and other renowned healers and experts are featured in this  documentary, including Bruce Lipton, PhD, cellular biologist; Lynne McTaggart, consciousness expert; Beverly Rubik, PhD, biophysicist; the late, Candace Pert, PhD, neuroscientist; Hyla Cass, MD, integrative medicine expert; Kenneth Cohen, qigong master; Gerald Epstein, MD, mental imagery expert; Gary Renza, qigong instructor; Linnie Thomas, HTCI; and the late, Melodee Gabler, sound healing practitioner.   +BONUS MATERIAL: With Larry Dossey, MD,  Rollin McCraty, PhD, and more

AWARDS: TELLY Award winner and Woodstock Museum Film Festival – Special selection

REVIEWS: “In The Healing Field, filmmaker Penny Price has brought together the great minds and healers of this era to create a masterpiece.”- Jack Lim, Qigong Grand Master;   “This is a beautiful and meaningful film.”- Woodstock Museum Film Festival;   “An important contribution to helping us understand how holistic healing practices reawaken our consciousness, humanity and oneness.”- Karen D. Saroop, The Green Brain Initiative.

Produced, directed and written by filmmaker, Penny Price Lavin.  See “About Penny” 

Item Name: THE HEALING FIELD:  Exploring Energy & Consciousness
(High Def, Closed Captioned, NTSC – all regions)  (82 min. Complete version + Bonus section)
Item Number: A1 – DVD
Price: $20.00



one light healing touch 3ONE LIGHT HEALING TOUCH:  A Documentary   

With Ron Lavin, M.A.  While the technical quality of this archival footage is not high-quality, it is from compelling workshops and television interviews in 1996. Ron Lavin, a renowned healer, is the Founder & Dir. of One Light Healing Touch, an International Energy Healing and Mystery School, which he founded in 1996. Ron has participated in five “landmark” distant-healing studies with the National Institutes of Health and he has been featured in the media internationally.

This program explores: The process of accessing and applying healing energy; The process of hands-on healing; How auras and energy centers connect us to life; and Practices for self- healing.  Viewers report feeling ‘healing energy’ on the program!   

REVIEW:A rare & exceptional healing video which presents “how to” exercises, so the viewer can easily integrate his work. Network production quality.—UPLIFTING FILMS.
Produced, directed and written by Penny Price.

Item Name: ONE LIGHT HEALING TOUCH:  A Documentary.   60 min.  (Standard Def)
Item Number: A3 – DVD
Price: $20.00


(THE BOOK)  The HEALING FIELD:  Exceptional Healing Practices To Change Your Life.  By Penny Price Lavin.   An ideal companion to the film, The Healing Field: Exploring Energy & Consciousness.Learn powerful healing practices to heal your body, mind and spirit and expand your consciousness. Discover how energy medicine is changing our health, our society, and our future! With renowned experts Bruce Lipton PhD, cellular biologist; Lynne McTaggart, consciousness expert; Beverly Rubik, PhD, biophysicist; the late Candace Pert, PhD, neuroscientist; integrative medicine experts Hyla Cass, MD, and Larry Dossey, MD; Rollin McCraty, PhD, of HeartMath; Ron Lavin, MA, founder of One Light Healing Touch™; Linnie Thomas, A Healing Touch.™ Instructor; plus new material not seen in the documentary. Acclaimed practitioners from the fields of energy healing, qigong, mental imagery, and sound healing relate inspiring healing stories and self-healing practices, including Ron Lavin, MA; Qigong masters, Kenneth Cohen, Jack Lim, and Gary Renza; Mental imagery expert Gerald Epstein, MD,  and numerous sound healing experts.

AWARDS: Book Excellence Awards (2021) ; 5 Stars-US Book of Reviews  (2021)
REVIEWS: “This is one of the most important books for our time.”- Dr. Pat, Seattle Radio Program.
“Penny Price Lavin has brought together renowned experts in the role of consciousness and energy healing to create a comprehensive and inspiring overview of the subject.  This book is a must for anyone interested in the alternative approaches to health.” – Peter Russell, author, From Science to God.  “A well-documented and credible voice that not only challenges the paradigms of Western biomedicine, but also offers detailed maps of many of the major healing modalities emerging in our time.”- Rick Jarow, author, Creating the Work You Love.Author, Penny Price Lavin an award-winning filmmaker is a long-time student of energy medicine and is a Practitioner/Instructor with One Light Healing Touch™.Item Name: THE HEALING FIELD book  ©2020
Item Number:  A4 – Book
Price: $12.00

Via IUNIVERSE:  Book & Ebook                     

Via AMAZON: Book ISBN: 9781532092398   •  Ebook ISBN: 9781532092381

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A DVD Featuring Two 53 min. Programs.
This “how-to” program presents exercises and practices from shamanistic and holistic traditions with renowned experts. The practices are easy-to-follow, and are for any level of experience. Learn to activate your healing energy, attain health, vitality, flexibility, release stress, and increase your sense of well-being.   PART ONE features: Tai Chi  with Al Huang; A Body-Mind practice with Ilana Rubenfeld; Chakra Healing with Alberto Villoldo, PhD; and Healing Visualization with Shakti Gawain.   PART TWO features:  Color Healing Visualization with Jacob Liberman; Healing Movement with Emilie Conrad; Sound work and a Visualization with Ron Lavin, MA; and Healing Guided Imagery with Belleruth Naparstek.REVIEWS: *** Stars Video Librarian; “Fascinating and incredibly uplifting.”- Awareness Magazine;“A relaxing and rejuvenating experience.”- NAPRA Review.   Produced, directed and written by Penny Price.Item Name: HEALING EXERCISES FOR BODY, MIND & SPIRIT – PART 1 & 2  • 53 min.@  (Standard Def)
Item Number:  A2
Price: $20.00

A COURSE IN MIRACLES: Spiritual Principles of Love and Wisdom
(Special Edition: A DVD with two programs. (60 min.@)

With Marianne Williamson, Gerald Jampolsky, MD, and Kenneth Wapnick, PhD.   Since its publication in 1975, the book, A COURSE IN MIRACLES, has sold more than 3 million copies and has been translated in numerous languages. This documentary, shot on location, spans a seventy-year period in the life of Course founder, Helen Schucman, and includes dramatized segments of the visions and dreams that led to her actual “scribing” of The Course.Learn how the Course has transformed millions. Discover the channeled teachings of Jesus and how releasing fear and practicing forgiveness creates miracles of peace, love, and healing. Learn how the Course came into being, meet people whose lives have been changed and gain understanding into some of the major principles of the Course.REVIEWS: *** Video Librarian;  “This is the best film ever done on the Course.” — Elda Hartley, The Hartley Film Foundation; “This well-done documentary traces the remarkable birth and evolution of ACIM. Schucman’s eloquent words are spoken by the wonderfully distinctive Glynis Johns.  Williamson, Jampolsky and Wapnick speak well and movingly. This documentary should tempt seekers and non-seekers alike.”- NAPRA REVIEW
Produced, directed and written by Penny Price.INTERVIEW WITH KENNETH AND GLORIA WAPNICK: A fascinating studio interview hosted by Corinne Edwards from The Miracle Network, with Gloria Wapnick and the late, Kenneth Wapnick. For decades, the Wapnicks have been the foremost teachers on the Course and they explain a variety of key concepts of the work.Item Name: A COURSE IN MIRACLES – Spiritual Principles of Love and Wisdom. – Special Edition: DVD with Two 60 min. Programs. (Standard Def)
Item Number:  B2
Price: $20.00