Articles & Studies


Our Inner Ocean: A World of Healing Modalities, “One Light Healing Touch”by LeCain W. Smith, Aug. 2014 (510 pages, A compendium of complimentary holistic modalities.)

“Chemo and the Chakras”, by Annie B. Bond, Nov. 2010

“The Masters Dance”, by Ron Lavin, 2010

Encyclopedia of Healing Medicine One Light Healing Touch: International Energy Healing and Mystery School” by Linnie Thomas, March 15, 2010

Living & Being – Poughkeepsie Journal –“Energy Healing Clears Out Unwanted Emotional Debris” By Penny Lavin, February 2009

“An In-Depth Biographical Interview with Ron Lavin” by Rev. Ann Emerson, March 7, 2002

Woodstock Times“New Healer Training Course Starts in September” by Mala Hoffman, June 2002

Poughkeepsie Journal – “Holistic Care Catching On” by Rand Otten, January 1999

Chronogram – “The Effects of Long Distance Healing” August 1999

Poughkeepsie Journal Special Millennium Section “Spiritual Hands-On Healing: The Past & Future of an Ancient Practice” by Ron Lavin, MA & Penny Lavin, June 7, 1999

Rhinebeck Gazette – “Lavin teaches age-old practices of healing and self awareness” by Rachael Astrachan August 13, 1998

The Paper “A Hands on Healer Touches Others” by Bruce Allen, 1996

Windham Journal – “Providing One Light Healing Touch” by Lori Anander,1996

Body, Mind & Spirit Magazine“Miracles: How to Create Some in Your Life” by Paul Zuromski, 1992

Creations Magazine“The Nature of Healing” by Ron Lavin, MA, 1991


Click the play button and listen to a fascinating interview:  Spiritual Scholar, Rick Jarow, PhD interviews Ron Lavin, MA about the Nature of Gurus. CBS Radio  4/22/10  (43 minutes)