Testimonials About OLHT


“The Basic Training is exceptional. Penny and Ron seamlessly combine healing modalities from all worldly cultures, guiding students to new horizons as humans, healers and beings of energy.”- Daniel Meinke, FNP, Oct. 2023/via zoom

“If you are interested in being a healer this is the place to go. The OLHT School is very diverse. The teachings about the nature of human experience and our relationship to Spirit, is rock solid. And the personal healing one is able to do in the training is really remarkable – you will NEVER be bored.” –Haleya Priest, Psychotherapist, LMT, M.Ed.

“I attended the Basic Training with Penny Lavin and I will never be the same… nor would I want to! Its results cannot be matched elsewhere. One Light Healing Touch energy healing is amazing!” – I.LG., Nov. 2017

“One Light Healing Touch has helped me to transform myself in profound ways; where 10 years of psychotherapy, and 18 years of TM had only scratched the surface.” — S.A.

“My experience with One Light Healing Touch was nothing short of life-changing. When I started the basic training, I had no idea how deep the shift within would be, how much transformation would happen, and how much this knowledge and education would change my life. I learned so many healing practices to use on myself and others and to heal so much trapped trauma, extending back from my first incarnation on this planet. I feel so thankful for this experience and how it has changed my life forever. My ability to heal and understand this beautiful knowledge has forever changed how I live my life. I appreciate everything more than I can explain in words.”-  Sarah C. Feb. 2023, Graduate of Tereasa Tyson’s Basic Training

“Each week of the Basic Training with Penny Lavin, I feel so much more “emotionally lighter.” It is an amazing journey.  Thank you for helping me to get to where I am. The training has also miraculously healed my neck problems that my doctors had said needed surgery.” – Jennifer S., Sept. 2018

“I’m amazed at how people deeply change and the immense power of the healing techniques over the course of the OLHT School. It is such great work and satisfies my heart and soul. I can’t imagine living without it.” – Bhavati

“So many things have changed in my life. My relationships are better, I’m calmer, my stress levels have diminished, and my sleep has improved. I had training as a massage therapist, but I had minimal comprehension of my impact on the human energy systems. Now, with OLHT, I not only sense my and other’s energies, but I’ve learned to see and open my clairvoyance. And, my heart has healed beyond comprehension.” – M.F.

Note the visiting “light beings.” They are often attracted to the high energy at OLHT gatherings.

“My understanding of Spirit has shifted on so many levels. I am feeling much more inspired and empowered by having the vast tool-box called One Light Healing Touch. The work is profound. “- Charles G., Class of March 2017, with Instructors, Sharon Johnston and Karen Ransom

“The OLHT School has influenced me greatly because it has demystified the mystical and deeply stimulated my sense of possibility.” — Debbie Karel, Psychotherapist

“My experience and training with you all was certainly one of the most life-transforming for me. Thank you!” – Janice L, Social worker

“OLHT gave me my life, and it has been the most important experience of my life, next to having my daughter.” –Annie B. Bond, Author, Green Kitchen Handbook & Home Enlightenment

“This OLHT work is beyond my thinking. I feel more content than ever. My life is becoming refreshingly simple. I experience Miracles daily. The exercises you taught are the simplest and most effective work I ever did, that includes my work with Psychoanalysis, Gestalt, Rebirthing, Quadrinity, Avatar and all the self-help books I’ve read through the years. Thank you for giving me the key and opening my eyes.” – Volker, Berlin, Germany

“Since taking OLHT, I definitely feel different. I am able to nurture myself and don’t need acknowledgment from others. Before, being in the now was hard work, now it is my desire. Now I find the calm within myself. When I do the practices I am able to be in the now and feel a state of bliss running through me.” – N.F.

“Just as Helen Keller discovered the meaning of language through the darkness, with Ron’s guidance, I found myself penetrating the invisible realms of energy and spirit.” – Karen St. Pierre, former Exec. Dir., Omega Institute

“The OLHT trainings are extraordinary. It is a light bridge between ancient and modern medicine, bringing celestial gifts to all. Everyone in the trainings grows in deep personal and spiritual ways, opening to higher personal abilities.” —Viola S.

“OLHT is a unique and powerful set of healing tools. As a nurse, I see that it has helped my patients strengthen their immune systems, release pain and move towards health, while also offering many wonderful healing benefits to me.  I have realized deep personal growth and healing, that have cleared the way for a more grounded, open-hearted approach to my work, and made me the best that I can be.”— Martha Sullivan, RN, OLHT graduate

“After taking the OLHT School, I have become happier and haven’t felt as alive as I now feel. The way I view the whole universe is entirely different. Thank you from all my heart.” – N.A.

“The OLHT training was so expanding and I feel the most grounded I have ever experienced.” –Terri G.

“Because of OLHT, I am now able to feel a peace in meditation that I’ve never known and I’m opening to my clairvoyance! I feel empowered and have a new ability to interact in difficult situations and am able to see and create solutions for the highest good of all. I feel free in many ways.” – E.C.

“In my first class at OLHT, I new something huge had happened. I felt a peace inside I had not felt before, my soul felt quiet. I now trust life rather than fight it all the time. I also learned that everyone could access this energy and use it for healing. OLHT has shown me how to free my spirit and bring in more spirit, so I can feel whole.” – N.M., RN

“The OLHT School is completely life-changing and necessary for all healthcare practitioners. It gave me the ability to make a difference with all my clients.” – Anne M., LMT.

“OLHT is the work of the present and the future!”- Susanna N.

“The training not only taught me many self-healing techniques that I effectively used to heal myself of breast cancer, but it brought me a new sense of freedom and openess that has affected all my personal relationships. This has been a major breakthrough for me!  I no longer focus on being judged or judging others, but have achieved a deeper honesty and acceptance of myself and others.” –  J.O.

“The OLHT School has transformed all my work with my patients and has helped me to become a better nurse. It has taught me: how to keep myself grounded and “present” for each of my patients; how to better attend to their fears and pains with compassion and love, but not take their pain into myself. I have found OLHT to be especially useful and profound for the dying.” – Alison Childs, RN

“Taking the OLHT School has enriched my life beyond comprehension. I have personally experienced many healings and the OLHT tools have brought me into a place of peace, well-being and love.” – Joan Herman

“The ACCESS YOUR HEALING POTENTIAL weekend workshop was profound. I so enjoyed the deep, gentle, and loving teachings which are accompanied by surprisingly rapid results in terms of feelings of well-being and heightened intuition.” – David Lloyd, former Dir., IBM Real Estate Acquisitions – Paris, France

“The AYHP weekend workshop was fantastic. It gave me a deep level of training in terms I was able to understand. I opened endless possibilities of our human potential. Thank you for the opportunity of a new beginning. It is a wonderful, profound, effective and cleansing training. I feel a reconnection with my life-purpose, and with increased understanding.”– B.R.

“I felt my heart opening, being loved, filling with love overflowing. Such unbelievable joy! The OLHT training has been the greatest gift of my life.” — T.G.

“OLHT has impacted my life in so many positive ways. During the Basic Training, I released so much stress and the need to constantly be “productive” and in control. Due to the wonderful healing techniques, releases and cleansings, I am now able to experience the uplifting, all-encompassing presence and love from Spirit during my meditations. In addition, there has also been shift in my relationships with my immediate family, and I no longer feel as though I am responsible for their happiness. I can now let them “just be” and love them more because of it. I began to feel an overwhelming sense of love for everyone, all of humanity. I also feel a closer connection to nature and I actually began to see things differently every day – much clearer and in more detail. I saw and heard things in nature that I had never noticed before. ” – K.A.

“The OLHT School helped me clear away my old programming and blockages, gave me a greater understanding of the profound nature of energy, opened my intuition so I could see a client’s stuck energy, and taught me how to connect with the Higher-Self of my clients, so I could give them better guidance. It is an extraordinary training.” – Lisa C., LMT.

“Thank you for the OLHT School and the wonderful experience which opened my eyes. I gained a greater understanding of myself and an effective “road map” of how to deal with issues as they arise.” – Roddy G.

“I’ve experienced so many positive changes since entering the School. I gained an increased sensitivity toward many things, from simple conversations, to nature and everything in between. I am much more present in all my relationships, from personal to business. It feels good and everyone is happier. Through the daily practices, I’ve awakened that special something within me. Thank you for this wonderful program.”– Russell W.

“I feel like I’m becoming truly myself, that old parts of my personality are just vanishing and I now hear the voice of my heart and my soul, and my healing abilities are getting deeper and deeper.”–- Domenika B.

“It’s been a profound experience to discover that I am a part of everything and everybody. Because of the training, I am free to accept myself the way I am. And I constantly use the varied and effective healing techniques, which benefit both my clients and myself.” — H.R., L.M.T.

“Many thanks for the opportunities presented in our class, to be carried to the “heights of human experience.” — Joanne Parisi, Inkeeper

“The OLHT School gave me a broader knowledge of my existence and my purpose in this lifetime, as well as gaining new effective healing tools, and techniques and an overall, positive sense of well-being.” – L.M.

“The OLHT School has given me the opportunity to see that what is felt inside, is reflected outside. It has given me the greatest gift I ever hoped to receive, the ability to love myself.” – D.C.

“I used to often be ill and full of pain, had self-esteem issues and trouble keeping relationships. I thought I could neither love nor feel, but now after taking the OLHT School, everything has changed. I’m working as a healer, am able to love myself and am in a positive loving relationship.” – Angelika L.

“I am very grateful for having had the opportunity to learn and grow in such a profoundly loving “place.” As time passes, I become even more aware of the enormous wisdom and practical value of the teachings and the energy I was privileged to experience through OLHT. Truth most definitely stands the test of time!” – Lana R.

“I gave myself a white light healing and was able to achieve a measure of peace that I had never known in many years of meditation. I have been doing it every night since. I never imaged I would be able to achieve that place by myself.”— Eileen Culhane, M.S.

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