Poughkeepsie Journal, Feb. 2009

Energy Healing Clears Out Unwanted Emotional Debris
By Penny Lavin

The practice of energy healing was brought to light in the Asklepian Healing Centers in Greece more than 5,000 years ago. And now, the ancient art is enjoying a resurgence of popularity around the world, under a host of names and methods from Reiki, Mahi Kari, Jo Ray and Therapeutic touch, to One Light Healing Touch.

Practitioners have found energy healing to be effective on a wide range of acute and chronic conditions, perhaps because it accelerates healing by strengthening the patientcccs overall immune system. Most methods are used for working on physical, emotional and spiritual issues, either in-person or at a distance.

Penny Lavin giving an energy session.

Energy healing involves doing an assessment of the patient’s blocked energy and then selecting various techniques while opening to the Universal Spiritual Energetic flow. The healer then channels this restorative energy into the patient’s body, which helps rebalance the patient’s energy system. Slowly the patient opens to the energy and becomes deeply relaxed, allowing the body to naturally release many of the energy blockages, traumas and pains.Human beings love to hold onto things, more than just the relics in the attic. We hold onto other’s energy, from our parent’s issues and fears, to our own traumatic experiences, along with our daily-stresses. In truth, it’s virtually impossible to be ourselves or to see ourselves clearly, since our bodies, auras and energy fields are literally filled with these old or foreign energies and feelings. Over time, we can become “unconscious or spacey” since we don’t want to feel our own issues and we develop patterns of behavior to avoid dealing with our feelings. The path to becoming numb, addicted, obsessive or co-dependent, which are all avoidance issues, is not far behind. Too often, this leads to a health or life-crisis.

The toxic buildup of foreign energy and stress can be avoided by employing any or several of the Six Sacred Practices — meditation, visualization, sound work, breath work, movement and sacred ceremony. We call them the Six Sacred Practices, because for millennia they have been used the world over to help mankind connect to higher vibrational sources and to heal ourselves.

At One Light Healing Touch, besides teaching 33 techniques for healing ourselves and others, we believe that an excellent way to release the toxic buildup of stress and emotional issues, is to “run our energy” on a daily basis.

1. Create and imagine a cloud above your head and release the tension and worry into the cloud and then send the cloud up to the sun to be perfected. 2. Create an invisible grounding cord from your body and send it deep into the earth and release residual tension, stress and any tightness you feel, down via gravity. 3. Imagine a divine light above your head and invite the light to wash through you, filling in all the places where you’ve just released tension and bathing every cell with healing, cleansing light.

Learning to use these energetic and esoteric “life-tools” enables us to remain caring, present and grounded, rather than being at the effect of the past or of difficult, current situations. With regular practice, we can increase our body’s natural self-healing abilities, strengthen our energetic flows for healing others, and dramatically increase our intuition, psychic skills, joy, awareness, creativity, our spiritual connection and reawaken to our life-purpose. Many of our students have reported a wide range of physical and emotional healings, including elimination or dramatic decrease of pain, anxiety, asthma, depression, fibromyalgia, and lympodema from breast cancer treatments to name a few.

There are now hundreds of studies demonstrating the effectiveness of energy healing. Some of the most common results include: increased speed of wound and bone healing, decreased pain and anxiety, and strengthened immune systems. An extensive list of energy healing studies can be found in Dr. Daniel J. Benor’s book, “Healing Research,” and at his Web site:

Ron Lavin, MA, founder and director of One Light Healing Touch, has participated in five studies with the National Institutes of Health, including a 1998 AIDS study, which has been called “landmark” since patients in the treated group all had a marked decrease or elimination of their secondary diseases, including cancer and pneumonia. Lavin said learning energy work is like learning how to play piano. We can all play in a few lessons, but to play well, takes both desire and lifelong practice.

Penny Lavin is an Instructor and Practitioner of One Light Healing Touch.