A Hands-on Healer Touches Others

Excerpted from The Paper

The first person Ron Lavin healed of a serious health problem with his hands-on technique was himself. After suffering a hernia in 1981, he was facing an operation and six to eight weeks of pain and bed rest. Instead, he meditated, conjured the image of an “etheric golden thread” and envisioned the thread sewing up the torn tissue. He was healed in 20 minutes, he says. Once he pictured the golden thread, a technique that went beyond what he had been taught by Mexican shamans and at the Berkeley Psychic Institute, “I knew this was my work in the world,” Lavin says. Since then Lavin, has trained others in the art of spiritual healing and personal growth in workshops and sessions in over a dozen countries. . . “While I work with a person, I see where their energies are stuck, where they harbor potential disease and then I move out the energy of disease and replace it with light. I look beneath the symptoms to see what’s not in balance, then work with them on changing their lives, so the disease doesn’t return.”Several local people have benefited from Lavin’s healing techniques. Margaret David attended a local workshop with Lavin. For years, she suffered from chronic sinus infections which she treated with and sinus medication. “The infections flared up almost weekly,” she says, sometimes bringing headaches so intense that opening her eyes was difficult. While doing chanting work with Ron, her sinuses drained, and the infection didn’t return for over a month. Lavin then prescribed a regimen of energy practices that David does at home and since she’s been doing them, she’s been pain free… Another local resident Georgia Porteous, attended a private healing session. The dog kennel owner had been plagued with painful arthritis in her joints which sometimes made writing difficult. The results of Lavin’s hands-on healing session were immediate, Mrs. Porteous says. “When I got up from the table, I can honestly say I did not have a pain in my body.”

Red Dragonfly Feasts in Mid-afternoon Light
– Robin Lavin©2010