We have opened our hearts infinitely wide –

We have brought smiles and Light to our faces and Souls –

We have, one and all, soared with the Angels through and beyond Heaven’s Gate –

Danced to the Siren song of Gaia’s Kunda Pool, while steeped in the presence of the Divine –

Our hearts have been cleansed by the sacred Flames of Saint Germaine –

Our flesh and bones refreshed by the grace of Lord Chiron –

Our souls have been sweetened by our Master Spirit Guides –

And then truly aligned by Our Infinite Souls from whom we All derive –

We have come together for this dance by no mistake –

We, each of us now hold the Sacred Trust in our Hearts –

Having satisfied the gatekeeper with our a searing of our hides, we now have joined the Dance of our Lives –

Our Purpose for Being is now at hand – Only gossamer thin clouds obscure The Stars –

Heaven and Earth have brought us this far – Now only The Heart can bring us Home!

With Profound Love & Thanks, 

By Ron Lavin 10/21/10